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Yann Malet yann.malet at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 23:35:04 CET 2010

I have started a branch to repackage the uwsgi admin in a way that it is
easy to integrate into existing project. PIP and requirements file are
becoming the defacto standard in python realm. So the idea would be to just
be able to add uwsgi to a requirements  and to get it downloaded and
installed into the python path.

Here it is where I stand :

    mkdir uwsgi-admin
    cd uwsgi-admin
    virtualenv ve
    pip install -E ve -e hg+ssh://
hg at bitbucket.org/yml/uwsgi_admin at packaging#egg=uwsgi-admin
    pip install -E ve -r ve/src/uwsgi-admin/requirements.pip

This should get you almost setup, there is two remaining issue that I am
aware of :
  * what is the clean and easy way to install uwsgi into the virtualenv
  * hack a bit the PYTHONPATH in example_project/uwsgi_settings.py to make
sure that everything is in place.

The second point is because I would prefer not to install this django
project "example_project" into the PYTHONPATH by default because I think
that the main use case will be to add uwsgi_admin to an existing project.


PS: the metadata in the setup will also need to be updated with the
appropriate information.
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