[uWSGI] Is it neccesseary to specify SCRIPT_NAME

Roberto De Ioris roberto at unbit.it
Mon Jul 5 09:29:27 CEST 2010

Il giorno 03/lug/2010, alle ore 18.08, Damjan Georgievski ha scritto:

> Reading http://projects.unbit.it/uwsgi/wiki/RunOnNginx there is this:
> So my question,
> is it possible to get/compute SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO from the nginx
> module environment, so that this would work automagically?
> -

Not with the current nginx base, i will propose in the next days two new variables
to the nginx team.

$location -> it contains the current defined location
$path_info -> request_uri minus the location

This will be useful even for the other protocols, so i hope they will include them without problems
Roberto De Ioris
JID: roberto at jabber.unbit.it

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