[uWSGI] Versions and benchmarks and other problems

Paul van der Linden mail at paultjuh.org
Tue Jul 6 16:36:59 CEST 2010


I've found several benchmarks on uwsgi and it was very promising. I 
wanted a less heavy weight server then apache, because it would only 
serve wsgi applications.
I'm a little bit disappointed by it's prestations and stability, but 
maybe I'm using the wrong version, but if I understand is correctly should be a stable too.

The configuration:
- dynamic apps
- 4 processes
- unix socket
- master process
- logging disabled
- behind nginx
- nginx: gzip compression, https, sendfile
The application:
- Does a simple check on the post-data
- Sends an empty body with the X-Accel-Redirect header, so nginx can do 
the rest.

At my own benchmarks (I was testing my applications and vps 
prestations), some things attracted my attention:
- Most of the time it's only uses 3 of the 4 processes
- I tested also with apache (mod_wsgi, embedded mode), differences: 
apache uses almost double the memory per process, but a throughput of 95 
req/s, while uwsgi was only serving 44 req/s
- But worst of all: after all requests were finished (1000 with 
concurrency 16-32 with ab), uwsgi was still using almost all of my cpu!

I hope you can fix this, because the I hoped I could dump apache. I'm 
mainly worried about the last point, this was mainly the reason I tested 
apache too.

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