[uWSGI] Versions and benchmarks and other problems

Paul van der Linden mail at paultjuh.org
Tue Jul 6 17:52:40 CEST 2010

On 6-7-2010 17:36, Roberto De Ioris wrote:
> 4 prefork, means 4 concurrent requests against the thousand of nginx 
> (yes it is a really beast, and i have seen
> often cherokee do even more concurrent requests...)
Hehe, I know :) On my last job I've seen what nginx can do (we really 
needed it there for the static files part), and have seen the code, very 
much respect to Igor Sysoev!
> Damn, i always forget about those log-storm :) grep stderr (case 
> insensitive) with "damn" ,"timeout" and "oops"
Thanks. I will setup a correct test tomorrow.

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