[uWSGI] Versions and benchmarks and other problems

Paul van der Linden mail at paultjuh.org
Tue Jul 6 19:55:35 CEST 2010

On 6-7-2010 17:59, Roberto De Ioris wrote:
> strace -p <pid>
> where<pid>  is the pid of one ot the worker processes
> you can save output with:
> strace -p<pid>  2>output
Ah, I wasn't aware it was as simple as that.

But I'm almost sure about the conclusion (if I did know about strace I 
think I found it before contacting the list), and it was really really 
stupid of me (shame, shame)!
I forgot I did my temporary patch already (the one of the post body, 
which I don't really need at the moment),
It looks like I can't reproduce the problem with that patch, and the 
strace log only shows things which I do in the new routine.
The strace log only shows many of these lines:
poll([{fd=0, events=POLLIN}], 1, 0)     = 1 ([{fd=0, 
read(0, "", 1024)                       = 0

So you were right: my solution to the post body bug is definetly not 
correct. It brakes somewhere in high load, and adds much CPU. This time 
it's really faster then apache.

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