[uWSGI] another future

Łukasz Wróblewski admin at hostowisko.pl
Thu Nov 4 12:02:06 CET 2010

Often my scripts send e-mails. But I don't connect with SMTP 
immediately. So that the web site you acted quickly and had the pleasure 
of its use.
Sometimes there are various errors when connecting to the SMTP (often 

So writes the final e-mail as a file with the class 
email.message.Message.as_string() in the selected directory.

I have a script that checks the loop contents of the directory with the 
set interval and sends e-mails through selected SMTP.

Since: "uWSGI want to be a complete solution with process management, 
long running task handling, rpc, cluster communication, load balancing, 

I thought that such a simple task could perform server UWSGI.
Just choose a directory and give the configuration of the need to 
connect to the SMTP.

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