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Roberto De Ioris roberto at unbit.it
Thu Nov 4 12:06:10 CET 2010

Il giorno 04/nov/2010, alle ore 12.02, Łukasz Wróblewski ha scritto:

> Often my scripts send e-mails. But I don't connect with SMTP 
> immediately. So that the web site you acted quickly and had the pleasure 
> of its use.
> Sometimes there are various errors when connecting to the SMTP (often 
> distant).
> So writes the final e-mail as a file with the class 
> email.message.Message.as_string()in the selected directory.
> I have a script that checks the loop contents of the directory with the 
> set interval and sends e-mails through selected SMTP.
> Since: "uWSGI want to be a complete solution with process management, 
> long running task handling, rpc, cluster communication, load balancing, 
> monitoring,..."
> I thought that such a simple task could perform server UWSGI.
> Just choose a directory and give the configuration of the need to 
> connect to the SMTP.

This could be easily accomplished by the spooler.

Simply run

uwsgi.send_to_spooler( { 'email-body':email.message.Message.as_string(), 'email_to': email_dest} )


Roberto De Ioris

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