[uWSGI] Very strange behavior with using unix socket

test157 at smail.ee test157 at smail.ee
Sun Nov 14 09:02:37 CET 2010

Hello Uwsgi,

  I slightly modified your async iobound example: http://projects.unbit.it/uwsgi/browser/tests/iobound_async.py

  and got in stuck, here you can see my version: http://pastebin.com/37y0qWEU

  instead of TCP/IP it's using UNIX SOCKET + I removed errno checking,
  as UNIX socket doesn't have so ERROR codes. BUT, right now I can't
  get it working, because if I will uncomment line 36 - my script will
  FREEZE, if I will uncomment line 43 - I will get this error message
  from uwsgi to console: epoll_ctl(): Bad file descriptor [async.c line 61]

  could you say where I'am wrong here?

  P.S.: as backend server (/tmp/test.sock) I have just socket server, what ECHO request to
  client, so it will just return TEST in pickle format + data size as
  first byte in binary (packed) format.

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