[uWSGI] Very strange behavior with using unix socket

Roberto De Ioris roberto at unbit.it
Mon Nov 15 16:55:27 CET 2010

Il giorno 15/nov/2010, alle ore 16.22, test157 at smail.ee ha scritto:

> Hello Roberto,
> thank you for your response Robert,
> your version is almost identical to my one, but I took your version now and got the same results. it's just FREEZE forever. you can check it here:
> UNIX SOCKET CLIENT: http://pastebin.com/89LTMzEm
> UNIX SOCKET SERVER: http://pastebin.com/jLwb9eQt
> as you can see I also posted small UNIX SOCKET SERVER, so you could
> try and test it very easy. so client here waits forever on data recv,
> whenever server already sent ALL data.
> and here is TCP version, what works perfectly, it's almost identical
> to the UNIX version above, but opens only TCP Socket instead.
> TCP SOCKET CLIENT: http://pastebin.com/w7jmQDdu
> TCP SOCKET SERVER: http://pastebin.com/NQbenVPW
> do you have any idea what is wrong here? or I have to recompile uwsgi
> from SVN?

Your code works perfectly for me :)

(in both the stable release and development tip)

What platform are you using ?

Roberto De Ioris

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