[uWSGI] uwsgi26: unrecognized option '--http', what do I miss ?

franck bret franckbret at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 01:09:26 CET 2010


just testing uwsgi on ubuntu, was curious to run the included HTTP server
running something like this :
   uwsgi26 --http --module test_uwsgi_app --callable

And I catch :
    uwsgi26: unrecognized option '--http'

uwsgi26 --help output, --http option is not present:

Usage: uwsgi26 [options...]
-s|--socket <name> path (or name) of UNIX/TCP socket to bind to
-l|--listen <num> set socket listen queue to <n> (default 64, maximum is
system dependent)
-z|--socket-timeout <sec> set socket timeout to <sec> seconds (default 4
-b|--buffer-size <n> set buffer size to <n> bytes
-L|--disable-logging disable request logging (only errors or server messages
will be logged)
-x|--xmlconfig <path> path of xml config file (no ROCK_SOLID)
-w|--module <module> name of python config module (no ROCK_SOLID)
-t|--harakiri <sec> set harakiri timeout to <sec> seconds
-p|--processes <n> spawn <n> uwsgi worker processes
-O|--optimize <n> set python optimization level to <n> (no ROCK_SOLID)
-v|--max-vars <n> set maximum number of vars/headers to <n>
-A|--sharedarea <n> create a shared memory area of <n> pages
-c|--cgi-mode set cgi mode (no ROCK_SOLID)
-C|--chmod-socket chmod socket to 666
-P|--profiler enable profiler (no ROCK_SOLID)
-m|--memory-report enable memory usage report (Linux/OSX only, no
-i|--single-interpreter single interpreter mode (no ROCK_SOLID)
-a|--abstract-socket set socket in the abstract namespace (Linux only)
-T|--enable-threads enable threads support (no ROCK_SOLID)
-M|--master enable master process manager
-H|--home <path> set python home/virtualenv
-h|--help this help
-r|--reaper process reaper (call waitpid(-1,...) after each request)
-R|--max-requests maximum number of requests for each worker
-j|--test test if uWSGI can import a module
-Q|--spooler <dir> run the spooler on directory <dir>
--pidfile <file> write the masterpid to <file>
--chroot <dir> chroot to directory <dir> (only root)
--gid <id> setgid to <id> (only root)
--uid <id> setuid to <id> (only root)
--sync-log let uWSGI does its best to avoid logfile mess
--no-server initialize the uWSGI server then exit. Useful for testing and
using uwsgi embedded module
--paste <config:/egg:> load applications using paste.deploy.loadapp()
--pythonpath <dir> add <dir> to PYTHONPATH
--version print server version
-d|--daemonize <logfile> daemonize and log into <logfile>

What do I miss ?
I've installed uwsgi lts with this command :
sudo pip install http://projects.unbit.it/downloads/uwsgi-lts.tar.gz

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