[uWSGI] on debian patches

Damjan gdamjan at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 16:06:54 CEST 2013

> first of all thanks for your packaging effort.
> I think there's a couple of unneeded patches in debian packaging: first
> is 1004_fix-php-ldflags.patch as (at least here, debian sid) php-config
> --ldflags already reports the path you are appending. Then
> 1005_emperor-pg-fix-cflags.patch is not needed anymore since the issue
> has been fixed in 7c31b6657ffdbbbe566822fbcdb6cf2eb4b44026 .
> Finally 2001_verbose_compilation.patch could possibly be reworked as a
> --verbose option instead, looking on how arguments are parsed that would
> be quite painful though.

there are some patches in the Arch package[1] too, I wonder if they are 

for ex. what does uwsgi_ruby20_compatibility.patch do (it seems uwsgi 
works without it). same for uwsgi_fix_rpath.patch.

Then there's also uwsgi_trick_chroot.patch which makes packaging easier 
since the build step to not try to install the plugins in the library 
dir. perhaps uwsgi needs to make this easier without patching.



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