[uWSGI] on debian patches

Damjan Georgievski gdamjan at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 20:03:33 CEST 2013

> The Arch ones seem like they got copied from the RPM spec for fedora,
> which I
> wrote. A brief explanation:
 - uwsgi_ruby20_compatibility.patch because fedora ships with ruby20
>    now

Arch too comes with ruby 2.0, but uwsgi-plugin-rack builds even without
that patch

>  - uwsgi_trick_chroot_rpmbuild.patch for convenience mostly, building
>    for i386 and x86_64 poses some problems which I work around by
>    tricking the mock build into building it in the current dir, then
>    copying to either /usr/lib or /usr/lib64
> These all seem fairly fedora specific, which is why they don't make much
> sense for other distros like Arch.

well that one is needed to make the package, otherwise the build step will
try to install files.

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