[uWSGI] daemonize and log file

Marco De Paoli depaolim at gmail.com
Fri Oct 11 18:10:51 CEST 2013

Hi all,
I write you for a little question regarding a great framework (I continue
to discover new and usefull features in uWSGI!)
I'm using uWSGI with --logger option to send any log tu syslog
Now I want to daemonize the uwsgi process so I use the --daemonize option

The daemonize option requests a <logfile> argument and I can't specify
syslog, but only a file or a udp socket

So, in my case, I have to specify both options: logger and daemonize

Now the questions...
What's the role of the logfile specified in the daemonize option?
I find it is 0 bytes
Will it never contain any message?
Do you think it is correct that I put it in the same directory with
pid-file and sock-file (/var/run/uwsgi on centos)?

I know these are not big issues, but it is just a matter, for me, to
understand uWSGI a little bit better

thanks in advance,

... as a side note:

looking at this
helped me to undestand that I can't pass a syslog to daemonize

looking at this
helped me to diagnose a permission issue

no doubt: having errors with links to the sources is a great thing
... and having the sources is even better thing! :-)

ok, ok, but now, please, don't tell me I should have a closer look at the
sources and answer by myself
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