[uWSGI] UWSGI emperor mode issues when running with --daemonize2

Roberto De Ioris roberto at unbit.it
Mon Oct 21 12:20:36 CEST 2013

> Hi, and thanks for your answer.
> Please forgive if this question is stupid but this is almost my first time
> using UWSGI and i am not sure if i explained myself correctly.
> What i am trying to daemonize is the main UWSGI process rather then the
> vassals ... i am not specifing any option for daemonize on the vassals
> themself but just for the UWSGI daemon when started with an init script.
> If i can't use --daemonize2 in any way without having to sigterm the
> daemon, Is it safe / correct to start the UWSGI daemon with "--daemonize"
> and let it manage the vassals or that is completely wrong?
> Thanks
> Francesco

Can you paste  the init script ? i fear there is something i am missing,
daemonize2 should not change the way emperor works, so i suppose your init
script is not correctly managing the changed pid.

Roberto De Ioris

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