[uWSGI] Poor man's PaaS

Łukasz Mierzwa l.mierzwa at gmail.com
Sun Oct 27 22:15:45 CET 2013


I've been working on my uWSGI management tool since 1921 (at least it feels
this way) and I'm happy to announce 0.1.0 release. It's still in very early
stages of development but the core features are ready (and probably buggy).
If you have ubuntu 12.04 server nodes available for testing you can give it
a try, just check the docs at
there should be enough informations there to run few virtual machine nodes

This project was born ~2 years ago in my previous company, I wrote a quick
and dirty implementation that was used to run few dozens of apps and helped
us to speed up and better manage our ruby apps deployments. This is my
cleaner implementation I've been doing lately in my free time. Eventually I
hope to re-implement all features that proved to be working.

Łukasz Mierzwa
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