[uWSGI] nginx -> uwsgi -> nginx

Alain Meunier deco33 at hotmail.fr
Sun Apr 13 17:25:23 CEST 2014


I would like to implement that : 

1) client query nginx server (that is ok)
2) nginx proxy_pass to uwsgi to treat the answer and do the calculation (that is ok)
3) uwsgi talks back to nginx to serve a static file to the client via a loadbalanced upstream (how ?).

Is this logic ok ? If so, i cannot find a way in the uwsgi api to talk back to nginx without losing the initial client connection.

I thought about another http connection from uwsgi to nginx once the calculation is done but I don't know how not to lose the client informations (x-real) in the meantime.

Any ideas ?

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