[uWSGI] sqlite blocking or not?

Alain Meunier deco33 at hotmail.fr
Sat Apr 19 18:08:01 CEST 2014


I am not sure if I do things correctly.

Right now, my setup is working with a request done to sqlite through uwsgi.

Here is the way I connect to uwsgi :
uwsgi --plugin http_plugin.so --plugin lua_plugin.so --http :30031 --http-modifier1 6 --lua /path/to/test.lua --async 8

The script does a sqlite connection which deliberatly lasts about 2 seconds (to test the concurrency).

I feared that it would block me since sqlite doesn't have a server. And that it would break uwsgi unblocking nature.

But it seems that I can manage to get concurrency even without async or async 1.
Curl requests will still work in parallel.

That is why I wonder if I get the "blocking" point.

This database is read-only, so no write locks.

Could someone confirm that my current setup enables -massive- concurrency and more important, that I am not missing something on the way ?

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