[uWSGI] .yaml config files and magic variables

John Sivak jsivak at winterjewel.com
Thu Apr 24 03:31:58 CEST 2014

On 04/23/2014 12:47 AM, Roberto De Ioris wrote:
>> I'm switching from an .ini based uWSGI config to a .yaml based one and
>> am having problems with magic variables being processed for a Python web
>> app using Pylons.
>> In the .ini file:
>> chdir = %d
>> properly evaulates to the directory of the .ini file.
>> In the .yaml file:
>> chdir: %d
>> Can't be used, because PyYaml complains about the '%' character being
>> first, so I try:
>> chdir: "%d"
>> but then uWSGI expands that to "/home/jsivak/projects/app1" (including
>> the double quotation marks) and uWSGI can't find/chdir to the actual
>> directory: /home/jsivak/projects/app1
>> Is this a bug/issue in uWSGI's processing of string based magic variables?
>> Thanks
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> use the libyaml parser (just install libyaml development headers and
> rebuild uWSGI)
> It should be 100% compatible with the python one.

That fixes the parsing issue ("%d" now works with uwsgi and allows 
PyYAML to parse the file correctly as well).

Is there a way for me to cause "pip install uwsgi" and have it 
build/compile using the libyaml library instead of using the "embedded" one?

To get libyaml support I had to do a "pip install --no-install" and then 
manually update buildconf/base.ini to set "yaml=libyaml", then build
with "python uwsgiconfig.py -b"

I'm building uwsgi in many virtualenv's and am looking for a way to 
automate the use of libyaml as the uwsgi yaml library.


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