[uWSGI] Threads in lua ?

Alain Meunier deco33 at hotmail.fr
Thu Apr 24 21:56:44 CEST 2014


I am not sure to understand : Lua is not multithreaded but uses coroutines.
I would not rely on libraries to provide the parallel tasking (lanes, llthread and so on) because of internal policies.

Yes, dumb but..

Will uwsgi help us in this field for lua ?

 thought about a rpc thing with sqlite to save the evolution but it is 
not that interesting the end, because when the functions will not finish
 at the same time you have to sleep for an arbitrary time and it is not a
 reliable strategy (what if I sleep for one second and the process 
finished 100 ms after the sleep ? 900 ms lost.)

I would like to spawn functions and get the whole result in the end.

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