[uWSGI] Flat file caching in subdirectories

Tim van der Linden tim at shisaa.jp
Mon Jul 11 10:19:43 CEST 2016

On Mon, 11 Jul 2016 15:18:52 +0900
Tim van der Linden <tim at shisaa.jp> wrote:

Hi All,

Follow up on this:

> 1. From the source of uWSGI I could find that these conditions can be registered using: the uwsgi_register_router_condition() function (as seen here https://github.com/unbit/uwsgi/blob/master/core/routing.c). However, I get a compiler warning stating that this function does not exist (uwsgi_register_router() does exist and I included the uwsgi headers). What is the approach to register a router condition to be used in "router-if ="?

This turned out to be a typo: uwsgi_register_routeR_condition() instead of uwsgi_register_route_condition(). Sorry about that noise. After fixing this the compiler stopped complaining.
However my condition named "isfreshfile:" doesn't get exposed to uWSGI as I get the following error :

$ unable to find "isfreshfile" route condition

While setting the following route rule:

route-if = isfreshfile:/tmp/uwsgi_cache${PATH_INFO}file.html static:/tmp/uwsgi_cache${PATH_INFO}file.html

So I am still doing something wrong with registering the route condition.
I'm currently using the following two calls to attempt to register:

void uwsgi_register_embedded_routers(){
  uwsgi_register_route_condition("isfreshfile", router_isfreshfile);

struct uwsgi_plugin router_isfreshfile_plugin = {
  .name = "router_isfreshfile",
  .on_load = uwsgi_register_embedded_routers,

Any pointers are greatly appreciated :)

> > Roberto De Ioris
> > http://unbit.com


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