[uWSGI] Flat file caching in subdirectories

Tim van der Linden tim at shisaa.jp
Tue Jul 12 09:17:38 CEST 2016

On Mon, 11 Jul 2016 16:05:08 +0200
"Roberto De Ioris" <roberto at unbit.it> wrote:

Hi Roberto
> Hi, can you paste your whole code (a gist will be good) to have a complete
> view ?

Ok, I have bitten the bullet and created two public repositories for what I hope will be stable plugins that might serve others as well:

- https://github.com/Timusan/uwsgi-router-mkdir
- https://github.com/Timusan/uwsgi-router-isfreshfile

"uwsgi-router-mkdir" works as it should, creating directories which reflect the site's structure. "uwsgi-router-isfreshfile" does work as well with the exception of one thing:

- The intended modifier/parameter to set the file's age is still a bit of a mystery

If I hardcode the age of a file manually the plugin works exactly as I expect, serving files younger than set age and regenerating the ones that are older. I would just like it to be set as a modifier.

Registering the plugin via "uwsgi_register_route_condition()" now works as it should after simply renaming the enclosing function ... which did not need any "magical" name as I naively assumed :)

Any thoughts, comments and warnings are (greatly) welcomed!

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> Roberto De Ioris
> http://unbit.com


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