[uWSGI] Shell command fails under uwsgi

Shareef Jalloq shareef at jalloq.co.uk
Tue Dec 3 12:22:40 UTC 2019

Hi there,

new user here and I've been trying to set up a Flask app using the
tutorial here:

The Flask app just runs a Python script and I render a page with the
output.  The script calls the FlexLM lmstat command line utility and gets a
list of license features in use.

I can run the Flask app in standalone mode using 'flask run', but if I try
to run the uwsgi app, I get a file not found error from lmstat itself.  If
I copy the shell command my script is running and run that in a shell, I
get the correct output it's not a typo in my setup.  If I update my script
to read the license files then it also opens them with no issues.

So what is it about running shell commands under uwsgi/nginx that could
cause this symptom?  I've modified permissions to make the license file
readable by all so I don't think it's permissions.  Bit stuck as to what to
check next.  uwsgi.ini follows.


module = wsgi

master = true
processes = 5
logto = /tmp/flexlm.log
socket = flexlm.sock
chmod-socket = 666
vacuum = true

die-on-term = true
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