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Léo El Amri leo at superlel.me
Sat Mar 2 18:38:15 UTC 2019


On 02/03/2019 14:58, Tamer Higazi wrote:
> The main problem is that the hardware already is with very poor specs.
> You have a dual core CPU (perhaps 32 bit even) and then with 4GB RAM.

I think a two cores 4GB RAM server, as long as it is not running on
5MHz cpus should be more than enougth to serve 20 simultaneous clients
without causing them to timeout.

> you want to provide services and even like to earn money with it, and
> start saving money on hardware.
> Why this nonsense ? Nobody said that you have to buy HIGH-END Hardware,
> but get the requirements 1st before doing anything.....

Nobody said that

> Serving long term connections is also no problem.
> I have deald with websockets connections with written Python Stack and
> nginx as backend without any problems at all.

Keeping an HTTP stream for a long time IS a problem. This have to be
handled with special care since the naive implementation is soliciting a
complete thread or process. This is what we were sometimes using at the
time of Ajax (HTTP long polling).

WebSockets IS NOT HTTP long polling. WebSockets is effectively
negociating a protocol switch (named "upgrade" in the RFC) using HTTP,
then it drops HTTP semantics. Most of the libraries handling WebSockets
properly handle resource sharing (And (regarding Python) often force the
allocation of a separate thread/process).

IIRC uWSGI itself can handle WebSockets connections and is allocating an
entire thread or process for this.

> PS: best is to answer to the list and not taking individual addresses in
> CC.... like everybody else.....

I'm always answering to the list and the targets of my messages. AFAIK,
this is not against the rules here (Tell me if I'm wrong).


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